Narmada was born in Sydney and currently resides on the NSW far north coast. She is a practising contemporary Artist who paints in thick oil medium. Her paintings portray a vivid recollection of the cultural and spiritual influences in her life.

Narmada’s paintings reflect her deep resonance with the Australian bush and her love of the mystic imagery of India.

Her work is a tribute to the sureness of her own artistic vision. Defining her love for colour as a transformative power, and the discovery that colour can be a force of its own. Images emerge as colours radiate on the canvas, raw and urgent: her work is intuitive, energetic and process driven. Her evocative use of colour references her travels and experiences in India. The colour and light of India being a profound creative influence on her.

A re-connection with her work after a period of illness and recovery has inspired Narmada with the possibility of transforming the work in new, unpredictable, and inspired ways.

Her new works present a fresh and un-anticipated apposition.  The process of coding figure and ground with the form illuminated in often high key, contrasting colours.

While referencing the natural Banksia form, it is re-imagined into an iconic tableau with the layering of intense colour and line, resonating symbolically with encoded information.

Narmada possesses an instinctive sense of purpose in her life and paintings which are the embodiment of the depth of her life’s experiences and divine spiritual journey.

Breath Narmada Smith

Oil on Canvas – Size: 450 x 600 – 2022

The painting Breath is a visual impression of the importance of the Breath within oneself. The breath in nature and the life force flowing between the two. To align ourselves with the breath allows one to feel a deeper connection to self and life.