Mountain Cloud Rock 1st Feb 5th feb 2011

Sheffer Gallery
38 Lander Street
Darlington 2008

DATES  Tuesday 1st Feb to Saturday 5th February
OPENING Thursday 3rd February  6 to 8pm

Inspired by the mystical Poet-Saints of Maharashtra India,
Narmada has distilled the vibrant imagery from many Indian journeys onto canvas.
Working from memory she has melded together the two main influences informing her art practice.

Her reflection on the mystic imagery of India and the deep resonance of the Australian landscape. This body of  work is a confluence of these two cultural rivers of experience.

Painting directly from the Bundjalumg Mountains and the Bundeena coastal landscape of Banksia and red gums, the two sides of the coin merge into one  abstraction of  fluid gestural figuration.

The play of thick oil paint captures her vivid recollection of  rural Indian tribal art  and remote temples dedicated to ancient Saints and Yogis.
The layered images document Narmada’s  journey between the two worlds.
Sheffer Gallery: 02 9310 5638

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